About Me

Yury IvanovYury Ivanov is a professional diver, underwater photographer.

Since I was ten, I was interested in underwater world. I dove all ponds and lakes in Moscow region without any flippers or mask. But even those poor underwater worlds hardly let me go to the surface.

Three decades have passed since then. I’ve graduated Sevastopol School of diving where I dove with three bolt equipment and AVM-5, then joined PADI in 2006. I had more than thousand dives in various parts of the world: Egypt, the Black Sea, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, Palau, Thailand. Nowadays I am a PADI dive Master with a certificate of «Self-Reliant Diver». This certificate gives me an official right to dive alone by myself what is very convinient for an underwater photographer.

So we’re about underwater photography. My first camera, which I bought six years ago, was a poor-quality Sony in it’s original case. Sometimes I go through old photos to remind myself of how I started. Time passed, but I didn’t see any significant difference. Only three years ago, after I’ve taken courses from one of the best underwater photographers Mikhail Semenov, I made some progress. The proof of that are three prizes in 2012 contest held by web portal www.tetis.ru and a victory in «Nudibranchs Galore» competition in 2013 held by www.diveplanet.ru.

My special interest is underwater macro world and mostly nudibranchs. Now I have thousands of good photos in my baggage and you can find a small part of them on this site.